Day 1 of swap sign up....

was a great success! but we still want you to take part in this great global collective....and yes it has become a true "glodal" effort! i'd like to tell you a bit about how this idea came about.
since i can remember, my mother (a "jill of all creative trades") has developed what has now become a family tradition of celebrating each holiday season by handmaking a decrative ornament to give out to our close relative and friends. she has always stuck by her beliefs of not allowing the commercial ways of gift giving take over the true meaning of the holiday season. she always says that if your going to give someone a gift, then you should make it meaningful...so what better way to make a gift meaningful then for it to be made but your hands and through your heart!
only last year i started joining in on my moms annual holiday brainchild and it was a huge success. so this year as i was thinking about what i would do for my ornament, a lightbulb went off in my head and thought, "wouldn't it be so awsome if i could get perfect strangers do this, as kind of like a pay-it-forward thing" and what better way to try, then through the blog world. I knew i couldn't achieve such a large project alone so the first person i thought of was the extremely talented kathleen from cake + pie! i can't say enough good things about this girl! a "jill of all creative trades" as well and one with a great drive and spirit! i can't thank you enough kath for being my partner in crime!!!lol
so i leave you by saying, KEEP IT COMMIN!! and we will keep the updates rollin!


  1. Thanks Nicole for your very kind words. I think the swap is a great success and I am so glad you came to me with the idea, I feel privileged to be a part of it!

  2. Gals, you have got me so excited! This swap will be really special for me as it will be my first christmas away from home with my fiance, so we're starting off with no decorations! It will be so lovely to start gathering them, what a fabulous place to start with an awesome handmade swap. Yay! =)



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