welcome to the family little one!

Two days ago i went on a mini road trip with my best bud kimmy to pick up some precious cargo. This is Morgan, he is an 8 week old cock-a-poo..sounds like a bird doesn't it?! he is one of those "designer breeds" i call them hybrid dogs. if you can't guess already he is a mix of a cocker spaniel and a poodle. What a stich he is already kimmy says. I know he will have the best home ever with his new mommie...what a lucky baby pupp-a-ronious (thats his super hero name by the way).


  1. I love my baby! He wants to know if he can get a date with puppy-kitty or mac and zeus! :)

  2. That dog is wonderful, since i moved out I miss my pets so much. I am always tempted to get a cute little dog or kitten...good luck!



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