laborful weekend

i'm back and better then ever. i spent half the past weekend with both my shouldder blades inflamed with my reaccuring tendonitis (and i probubly spelled that wrong!lol) To make a long story short, way back when in high school, i was on the swim team and eventually trained in the butterfly stroke which brought about these awful back pains. they like to come about at random, and especially when it's rainy...and boy was it this weekend.
anywho, the second half of this weekend, i spent designing book covers for work and started on my mini wallpaper sketchbooks. i'm hoping to have pictures for ya soon. i also recieved my IN STITCHES by amy butler from chronicle and i'm sooooooo excited to make a few things from it. This book is soo inspiring, even if your a beginner at sewing like me.
along with my new books, i also got some new book catalogs from chronicle and princeton architectual press (this is when being apart of a publishing house pays off!) here are some sneek peeks of some fantastic paper goods comming our way in december.
those great girls from Peculiar Pair Press have made their way to Chronicle Books Gift division with some sweet looking paper goods!

along with the girls at the" tripple P", chronicles gift division will also be featuring new goods from jill bliss (launching in september), angela adams (december), and introducing their first collection of eieio goods (october), i took some pictures of some of my favorites!

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  1. hi!

    i'm susana and i'm an occasional visitor (be my honoured guest at www.wiseup-team.com or www.wiseup-weddings-com... you always have such great pictures of book covers! today, when i saw these pictures (the ones wiche mention Peculiar press, Jill Bliss, etc)...what is it...? a catalogue? a magazine? Is it available online?

    thanks in advance, my best regards



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