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as i was putting together one of my dust jacket mechanicals today to send off to the printer, i thought to myself "none of my blog buddies have ever seen what i do at my day job!" well, you lucked out cause not only was i putting together one of my favorite dust jackets to date, you get to see it RAW and before it's published! {can you sense the sarcasim when i say "lucked out"!!!}
so by day i am a book designer for an independent publishing house in Buffalo,NY called Prometheus Books (don't attempt to check out our website, it's a big embarrassment right now, it needs major updating) we do alot of fiction, self help, skeptical, and scholarly books, and once in a while we get thrown something really fun to design, like this book for instance....

This is how we set up a hard cover books dust jacket to send out for printing. by this time in the season we would of already just designed the cover for the book and then when all the pieces of the book are ready from the editors, we, in the art department, get the page count and the ppi (pages per inch), set the spine, and design the rest of the book around our previously designed cover....this is a great book and the first of it's kind to explain this rare genetic disorder called Williams Syndrome. This syndrome only occurs in every 7,500 births. Williams is basically a a removal of a small number of genes from a single chromosome, but this small change makes a huge effect on the body physically and mentally. The result is an atypical body, a profoundly asymmetrical mind, and an often amazing talent for music. These people couldn't subtract 5 from 7 but they could sing a classical piece in almost any language if heard.
so all in all it is a great job and i get to learn all kinds of things from researching all the books i do, and i get my name published, but it's not my dream, it will pay the bills until i get my paperie/paper goods buisness going. Now that my partner in crime is back in town, we are beginning the research of our little brainchild, and hopefully sometime soon you'll be able to see freshly{blended} evolve into my dream!
thanks for allowing me share a little piece of myself to you!


  1. Hello,
    Loved seeing the behind the scenes peek into the day job... and I promise I wont check out the website for Prometheus Books, though now that I have typed that, I am curious!
    see you, gracia

  2. oh no, u don't want to go there....teeerrriiibbllleeee webdesign!

  3. cool jacket design... i too design for "the industry" tho I would love to be doing books too, I am doing stationery products and journals and "gift" books... i promise I didn't go look at your site, but I do know of Prometheus...



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