weekend of nature

this summer every weeknd has to be completely devoted to my mothers gardens, but these aren't just any gardens, these are Professional" gardens!...to make a long story shorter. see she is a professional gardener and associated with the east park garden club of america, yada yada yada...well she toar a group of tendons in her elbow and had to get surgery a few weeks ago. since then she isn't allowed to lift or dig or do anything that could potentialy strain her arm. So my husband, jay and i have been working with my dad on her gardens every weekend for her, they are like 2 years worth of overgrown madness! i never knew that being in a garden could be so overwhelming. today however i found a nice little grouping of inspriation! (see below)

these awsome green bulbs are called chinese lanterns, every fall we like to pick them and dry them and use them as fall decor indoors, they are the coolest things to look at. we had to take out a big overgrown chunck of them so i decided to dry out some nice lime green ones for my summer "decor" and so i can make some botanical prints with them.

here we have a smoke tree, the colors are just amazing and the whole structure of the tree is so complex when you look closly. these will be great leafs to recreate as well, especially the pinky, brown color palette.

and last but not least, this is an example of what we are all looking like right now (minus the fur), poor zeus is having a "fun-over".

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