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what a wherl-wind of a weekend i just had! saturday we took my mom to toronto to see the yankees play for her birthday and i made them drop me at the paper place so i could get the rest of my fixin's for the two blessing books i'm working on....unfortunatley we got stuck in a total of about 2 hours worth of traffic which cut my paper searching time by 75%! even though i was so tight on time, i managed to wrangle some pretty awsome specimens! you'll have to forgive me for the poor picture taking, i am really good at taking pictures outside but stink at taking any indoors..obviously these are inside and the colors you'll see do the real deal no justice!

these papers are for our good friends john and robin, their having a nice october wedding like we had, so their colors are beautiful deep and rich warm hues of burgandy, gold, and browns, and oranges. the deep floral printed kozo paper will be the covers and the fluer de le (i know i spelled that wrong) print is gold leafed and will be the envelope liners.

on the flipside, we have my brother's 1 month away ceremony and 2 month away reception with the theme of a garden party. so i picked this absolutly georg-e-o-u-s japanese printed kozo paper for the cover, and i'm taking from my vintage wall paper collection, these awsome floral patterns for the envelope liners....

so stay tuned to see these books develop! time for a bed snack and sleep for me.

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