oh florence!

so i was reading some articles on designboom today and i came across an article about textile designer, Florence Broadhurst. i remember hearing about her just briefly in college (makes me wish i had more training in textile design) anywho, she fused europe’s 1930s-style modernism, english floral patterns with splashes of the orient...who thinks that such a "broad" (no pun intended) palette and makes it look like it all belongs. I see this as a possibl;e answer to my wallpaper minis collection i'm about to work on, i realized that my main goal is to make my eclectisism "work"....hum, now i must go think more...oh yeah, then i found that there will be a movie about her life coming out in August called "‘unfolding florence: the many lives of florence broadhurst", directed by gillian armstrong..it suposedly got great reviews at Sundance. for more info definately go to design boom and read the article, it's sooo inspiring.

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