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so while i was doing my "day job" work i was surfing, i mean "researching" my most favorite publisher in the whole wide world chronicle books for some cover inspiration and to see what hot titles they have out right now....so as soon as i clicked on the gift division i was jumping for joy! Denyse Schmidt came out with another DIY book called "quilt-it-kit".....can i just tell you that this book is a MUST HAVE, even if you don't quilt it is a great coffee table paperback to have. I have her first title and i keep it out all the time, i'm even going to do a project in it to give out as x-mas gifts this year.
When i jumped obver to Denyse's site i had to pull her cute clumps of quilting fabric for you as well, it just goes with the book!

also, while your there, you should check out her paper goods to! they are just sooooo yummy looking! (no i really wouldn't eat them) the colors i mean...well just see for yourself>(all the paper goods are available through chronicle books)

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  1. i'm a huge denyse fan... but haven't ordered her books yet for some reason... thanks for the push! i'm going to amazon now~



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