4th Annual Holiday Ornament Swap

Hey folks, it's that time of the year again! if you have been graciously awaiting this announcement then wait no longer. The 4th Annual Holiday Ornament Swap is here. Last year we turned to swap-bot to organize our swap because it has gotten too big for us to control, we have gotten great responses from it so we are using them again.

So go to swap-bot and search for
Holiday Ornament Swap '09 hosted by freshlyblended and sign up (if your a first time user of swap bot you'll have to create an account)

Remember that the sign ups only last till November 7th, then we will send you an email November 8th with your list of swap buddies.

also, please remember to read through all of the guideline BEFORE you sign up.

one last note, we will have a flickr group to post your photos to, who knows you may be one of the few picked to be posted on freshlyblended!

happy swapping!


  1. I just signed up for the swap!

  2. The link to Swap-Bot isn't working. FYI.

  3. Thank for hosting your great ornament swap on Swap-bot again! We are thrilled to have you.

    One note: once partners are assigned for the swap, each participant will receive and email letting them know, but they actually must go back to Swap-bot to find their partner mailing info.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Rachel (Swap-bot Admin) rachel@swap-bot.com

  4. I have tried to sign up for the swap, but I am not getting the address confirmation email. Can you please confirm that I am on your list. I really want to participate.


  5. UGH! I have my ornaments all ready to go, but have been sick, so missed the sign up date! Is there any way I can still get in?


  6. UGH! I'm with Percy2626 --- Is there anyway I can still get in? I've got my supplies ready but missed the date as well.


  7. Can't believe I missed the deadline! Have had my ornaments planned all year- no way to get in now? :(

  8. Go to the flickr group and post - there are always people willing to side swap. I made some extras this year, so I will, and I'm sure others would too!

  9. I've loved participating in the previous ornament swaps and was wondering if there will be another one this year?



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