may the swapping comence!

I'm pleased to announce that our total number of swappers this year is 434!, even though we did not break last years record of 600 we still have a steller group of participants!
next time you sign into swap bot and click on the "dashboard" option it will bring you to this page you see below, this is where we've marked your user menu: you will be able to to see your swap list, upload images, etc...

also we will have a swap flickr group here. from this batch i will do a weekly posting of some of the ornaments that have been made so keep checking in to see if your ornaments appear on fb.


swap bot info

holiday swap ornaments by lusummers.

image by lu summers


  1. I hate to sounds like an idiot or be missing something obvious, but I don't get that User Options box when I log in. It says my partners are assigned, but I don't have that box of options. I'll contact SwapBot and see what they say.

  2. Oh, wait, I was being impatient. It's there now. Never mind.
    Thanks so much for organizing this!

  3. ahhhhhh...i was wondering why i'd got soooo many views and comments! thanks for posting this :)

  4. In case some of your readers missed the cutoff date, I'm hosting a swap (inspired by yours!) over at TwoLooseTeeth.com. They can still sign up until Friday, Nov. 21 if they're interested. Thanks for your annual swap and for the miles of inspiration!



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