Last Call

Kathleen and I are pleased to announce that we've beat last years total swappers with two days left to go. This is your last call to sign up, for at the end of the day on Friday EST we will not take any more sign ups. :(

On another note, we'd also like to thank all those bloggers out there who supported the swap by posting about it...three cheers to you! we really appreciate your help in spreading the word.

In conclusion, I will be resuming regular posting after sign-ups for the swap end on Friday. My list of goodies to post has gotten too big to hold off anymore! See you then.


  1. Hey Nicole

    I got your email about the swap and you know what I'm desperate to do it again this year but I'm so completely up to my eyes in it this year (still not moved back to our own house yet!). However, hopefully you'll be hosting it again next year and I can take part again. hugs x

  2. I sooo soo wanted to do this again this year. The only reason I won't is because I'm so very busy right now. I'm going to be so jealous watching all the photos that will probably be posted of all the wonderful ornaments. :(



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