call for crafters...

second storie

Shanna Murray is bringing a new and fantastic craft fair to Rochester New York! The second storie indie market is a little edgier then your grammas craft fairs, think more along the lines of Renegade and Art Star.

The event will take place Friday, September 7th with a kick off party {complete with live music!} and Saturday, September 7th. The festivities and market will take place at the a|v space at the Rochester Public Market.

Now here is the important part, Shanna and her clan are looking for just the right fit for both artists and shoppers alike. Participants will be selected by jury because space is limited. Think you have what it takes? then grab and application here! You can also join the second storie flickr group to see who else will be there (can you find me?) I am super stoked about this! thanks for bringing a little excitement to us upstaters shanna!!!!


  1. Ah YaH! That rocks my casbah. Just what I needed to get me outta this poopillage.

    Can't wait. We can stay with my family down at the lake. Woop!

  2. thanks for the great post, girl!!! can't wait to see you there!



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