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i've gotten a few emails from people asking where i get my supplies and resources for bookbinding. So in this post i've compiled a list of places where the eager to learn book binder can get some answers and save some money.

When it comes down to it, bookbinding is definately not a budget friendly hobby or even career. So pinching the penny to get more for your buck is always the top goal of mine. Don't be afraid to start out slim, i've spent many a years with just a bone folder, straight edge and my fathers drill. Work your way up with the heavy machinery slowly, besides you'll get more out of it when you know your final product came out of your very own sweat and blood!

Some handy DIY tips that i've used are these:
~instead of going out and buying a $500.00 standing press, just find some bricks, or glass blocks, and depending on the size of your books, you can even use some can goods to put some weight on it.

~ a straight edge and ruler works just fine but sometimes the ruler may move around a bit so what you can do is go out to your local hardware store and get those little fuzzy dots that you stick on the bottom of your dinning room chairs so they don't scuff the wood floor, they work great in keeping your ruler steady as your cutting.

~if your really pinching pennies and you can't afford any book tape you can use cheese cloth and pva to set your hinge, i've even used musslin (a type of cheap cloth used in mock up designing)

~ and did you know that you don't have to buy the true "book binders linen waxed thread" for years i've sewn my books with regular old waxed apolstry thread, it's the same darn thing and almost half the price.

next is a list of resources that i've compiled, the internet is just a ocean of learning so you should take advantage of that!

~Even though i hate reading (I have ADD!) these three books are esential reading if your trying to train yourself. Learning the basic language and technique in this craft will unlock a ton of barriors for you. You can find them at any local book store and on amazon.

~ When it comes to buying your basic supplies, some places have better prices then others, i'm constantly on the look out for a better deal. Here are some places that may be helpful to you ( you can also find any of the links on my sidebar)
~Talas- my mainstay for buying bulk
~paper-source- great quality, pricy
~paper mojo- lots-a-paper!
~the paper place-soon to sell online
~briar press- great classifieds
~hollanders- they have everything
~The book arts web- need i say more!
~five and a half blog- tutorials
~rag and bone blog- inspiration

So i hope this helps you out a bit and don't be afraid of the web, these days it can be our greatest resource! feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions on book binding, i'm nowhere near being a master but i do have the experience so i will be happy to offer up anything i may be of help with! good luck and happy binding!


  1. Thanks for such an informative post. I'm no pro, and never will be when it comes to bookbinding, but it's nice to hear a few tips and stash a few links for the next time I have time for a book-tastic project.

  2. thanks for the great links!

  3. this is a wonderful post! thank you for sharing your resources :)

    by the way, i would love to trade with you. i'm keeping my eye out for your etsy! i'm sure everything will be gone by the time i take a look though!

  4. Take a look, too, at the Los Angeles Book Arts Center's website: http://www.labookarts.com/ Under the 'resources' tab, you'll find listings of resources of interest to bookbinders in a variety of categories from all over the world

  5. I don't know where you are located, but I have one of those $500 standing presses for sale in northern Wisconsin. If anyone is interested they may contact me at taxizumklo@hotmail.com Thanks. Bill

  6. I have time for a book-tastic project.
    I don't know where you are located

  7. i'm sure everything will be gone by the time i take a look though!
    thank you!

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