todays resource topic is on print gocco. ever since i posted about finally purchasing one, i've gotten a few emails on "desperately seeking". so i've compiled a list from back when i did my own research and i hope that it can pave the way at least a little bit for your own hunt for the perfect gocco machine!
before i list the resources, i do have to tell you that with my experience, i found that without really searching, it's easy to fall into an overly priced product. after exhausting every ounce of my searching i personally decided to try my bid on ebay and it actually worked in my "financial" favor so for the number one position i pick your friendly neighborhood ebay!
i hope these few resources can help you out, i know they've helped me!
  • EBAY~ i found that as much as i looked, i could find a decent price but just know that you may have to put a bit more then normal for shipping and handling, especially if it's comming from japan like mine did.
  • SAVE GOCCO~ has a great list of places that still carry but not alot of them still sell whole starter kits but it's a great resource for accesories and other parts. hey, if it's heavily supported by super talented jill bliss, then it's way worth your time to check it out and while your at it, sign the save gocco patition.
  • DICK BLICK~ is the one US art supply merchs that still carries some of the print gocco ink colors, accesories, and even some cloth printing supplies...best part is that it's all on clearance right now!!
  • the FLICKR GOCCO GROUP was (and still is) a great resource for me to go and see all the different types of things people were using the machine to print on, and also if you read the discussions, some people supply links to tutorials and other types of resources, it's like a visual forum if your not familiar with flickr, oh and it's free to join!
  • and of course there is the official manufatures site here, but you won't be able to buy for there...we can only cringe at it for stoping production.
  • THINK INK is another great place to get inks and suppliess, again you may be paying an arm and a leg for shipping but thats going to be a continual sacrifice to make if your wanting to own your own gocco.
  • there is a great tutorial on the get crafty blog for beginners like myself, we can't all be lucky enough to get that super cheesy "how to" video translated into poor english!


  1. Thank you for this really helpful post!! I'm hoping to eventually invest in a Print Gocco kit this year (one of my "New Year Resolutions"--haha!), so this is a lifesaver as I haven't been really sure where to start my search. :) I just wish they hadn't discontinued making these in the first place... but oh well. ;)

  2. even though it doesn't say so on the website, pearl paint in san francisco carries some gocco products. if your in san francisco, try there.

  3. Northwood Studios + Welsh Products are also great resources!

  4. i'm not a good blogger but here's my live journal


  5. i didn't even leave my name!
    see i already suck at this

  6. i second the person who said northwood studios, wonderful in every way!

  7. I just ordered a PG-11 from Judy at Northwood Studios. She gave me so much attention and information via email. I can't wait for it to arrive. I already have some ideas down on paper with which to start practicing. -Amy

  8. I'm a jeweler and have never used the Gocco system, but it looks very similar to the Rio Master Etch Press System at Rio Grande. They sell the Gocco Lamps, stencil screens, inks and such for the etch system for jewelers to etch on metals. You can find the materials in their Tools catalog on page 371. The website is http://www.riogrande.com

  9. Nicole, thank you so much for this great information!! I love to visit your blog!



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